Solving the Cross-selling challenge

Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest to solve a killer problem. Informing clients about other services is challenging for most professional services firms. Even after everyone agrees that cross-selling is a good idea common problems are:

1) Time
2) Knowing how….and most importantly;
3) Getting your client’s attention

The logical time to inform someone about the full range of help your firm offers is when everyone is fully engaged in an active transaction. Conversely, this is often the ‘worst time’ from the lawyers’ point of view. So how to do this effectively, but non-intrusively? The answer we commonly hear is “well it’s not possible”. Good cross-selling initiatives die out and happy clients leave uninformed. They make a decision next time based on a Google search or through a more recent recommendation. But there is a solution to ensure it’s your firm they turn to:

crosselerator how-it-works up and cross selling legal services

“Crosselerator informs your client about other services through everyday email as you work on a matter”

Crosselerator adds a short message or click-through to your outgoing email – automatically​

Managed centrally and added seamlessly – Crosselerator is super-efficient and highly effective. Switch it on firm-wide or for specific lawyers. Set-up a schedule of once-only or rolling tailored messages. What better way to inform a potential client of the breadth of service you can offer? Tell your conveyancing clients about the importance of updating their will. Tell your commercial clients the date of your next seminar and allow them to book it online. Special offers, events, even Christmas closing hours – easily inform contacts about what they need to know, automatically!  Even better, it does not involve any billable time from your lawyers in remembering to set anything up or send messages out themselves.

Why does it work?

  • The open rate is near 100% as you are running an active transaction.
  • Our research indicates you can expect over 50% click-through rate.
  • The best time to talk to your client is when they are listening.

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