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Keep your website and social media alive by feeding it with high-quality legal articles and news in your practice areas.

Your website is your shop-front. Prospective customers will contact you, or not, based on what they see when they visit. Don’t ever let your website gather dust due to a lack of time to write in-house legal content. The news and article feeds will form the supporting pillars of your content publishing. Then add your in-house articles whenever you can to the mix. On every page we have different live feeds running – we never have to update them to show you the latest examples!

Start with general legal news and then add your specialisms

The Foundation pack of general legal news is the basic pre-requisite pack for an RSS content contract. In addition, you can add any other focussed article mix to suit your different web pages or audiences. We offer a huge range of legal practice areas.

Premium articles – Employment law or Business Tax and News

Take a look at the premium content feeds for Business, Business Tax and Employment Law.

Access a powerful content marketing platform

You have the opportunity to extend the LegalRSS licence to access the powerful content marketing platform. Seamlessly publish your own writing alongside your RSS article subscriptions to your website and social media accounts. Quickly create and send general or practice area e-newsletters. In order to stay visible and relevant for existing customers.

Want to know more about the role of newsletters in legal marketing?

Read our Newsletter Masterclasses on the role of newsletters for law firm marketing from the architect of LegalRSS, Joe Reevy.

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Foundation pack – General Legal News

wills and probate legal articles

Practice Area Articles

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Premium Articles – Employment Law

business and business tax articles

Premium Articles – Business News & Tax

Need more unique legal content?

We also offer ‘library’ updates every month in the following practice areas from Words4Business, also from the same stable as the LegalRSS service;

  • Private Client;
  • Commercial Client;
  • Employment Law;
  • Commercial Property;
  • Tax, Trust and Probate;
  • Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence.