Marketing technology

Using a mix of effective platforms, applications and online marketing tools are essential in today’s multi-media driven economy.

There’s a huge marketing eco-system out there!

The ecosystem of modern marketing, media hosting choices, tools and other content creation tools, for example, is very complex. Over 6,000 different marketing products are listed in the annual roundup of tools and suppliers by category in ‘MarTech 2018‘.

However, a typical marketing stack always includes these core building blocks:

  • Website – your shop window in an increasingly competitive landscape for legal services.
  • Contact database / CRM System
  • Email marketing
  • Newsletter production – either online or print. Read more here in Newsletter Masterclasses by Joe Reevy, the architect of LegalRSS.
  • Social Media and social media publishing tools
  • Reporting – Google Search Console and Google Analytics is a good start.
  • SEO performance tracking – we use Yoast and Ryte to monitor the health of our own websites (Ink Legal and Calico Legal Solutions Group).

We believe that the key to great marketing is really understanding your client and prospective client. Then delivering engaging and informative content to them, in appropriate ways, at a sufficient cadence to keep your business front of mind.

A high cadence of marketing output, but on a budget

As you’ll know, your marketing has to deliver a consistent on-brand experience and a consistent voice regardless of how it is digested.

All within a budget and a limited team no-doubt. So marketing automation wherever applicable and clever “outsourcing” is essential too.

How can we help?

The Ink Legal selection of tools help you to make your articles and news items go further. Without more time and effort.

Find out more:

  • Powerful Content Marketing Platform – Legalrss

  • Solve the CRM data quality and collection challenge – Introhive


First things first. Ensure your shop-front window to the outside world is good.

We can provide an end to end solution. A website with legal content services pre-built in and ongoing support. Professional copywriting from copywriters who are ex-lawyers or who have worked extensively with the law firms to create a unique site for you. Perfect for the start-up, high street to mid-tier legal firm.

See the Ink Legal page on Website Services here.


To access a powerful content marketing platform. Extend the LegalRSS licence from the Foundation Pack of articles. You then can use the full power of LegalRSS to drive your content publishing to eNewsletters, web and social media.

“Full platform LegalRSS” allows you to firstly manage contact lists. This is achieved by out of the box integration with the global contact management system Campaign Monitor (no extra licences required). Next step is to create and publish in-house articles and send out your eNewsletters quickly. You can also publish your RSS newsfeed articles or in-house writing seamlessly to your social media channels. This is via the popular social media integration tool Buffer. This cuts down dramatically your time spent formatting and posting social media updates.

Read more here on what LegalRSS can do for your newsletter and social media content automation.


Solve the problem of difficult CRM user adoption and data maintenance. A problem that plagues most good CRM systems is the engagement of staff to key in and then maintain their contact information. Law firms are no exception to this, and many a good system has gone to waste through a lack of user adoption.  Push data automatically to your lawyers for approval using Introhive rather than wait for them to volunteer new contacts.

A simple 180-degree change in approach can revolutionise your data collection and accuracy.  Introhive presents possible new records to your lawyers for them to check and approve seamlessly. We all know that Lawyers all love a red-pen approach. They are generally much better at critiquing something than producing it from scratch. It also saves precious time not entering data for your senior people.

Read more here about Introhive*

*While we set up our formal partnership with Introhive do tell them you found them through Ink Legal!


Solve the cross-selling challenge by utilising the already open communication channel with your existing client – Email.

There is so much noise on email now it is hard to get traditional marketing emails seen.  However, a near 100% open rate is almost guaranteed because you have an active matter.

Controlled centrally by marketing, but leveraging all that daily email volume with your firms’ clients and prospective clients. Unobtrusive communication that works and overcomes the biggest barriers to email based marketing – spam filters and open rates.

Read more here about Crosselerator.

Notes on CRM Systems

Often this is the core Client Relationship Management System (CRM) or sometimes the Practice Management System (PMS). It is used to track prospective customers as well as deal with the mechanics of a client and matter. There are common user adoption issues facing any data-based systems. The quality of your data will impact massively on your time and ability to use it.

Mining the data for professional services firms

For professional services firms, client data is your business. It is hugely valuable, but sadly often seen as a purely administrative task and overhead to collect and maintain. Required for running a legal matter, good client and prospect data is actually is the lifeblood of a firm’s ability to help keep clients returning.

In commercial sectors, CRM systems are used extensively to track quote pipelines, relationships, sales targets and revenue. Much less so in professional services firms historically. However, a corporate approach to managing clients and prospects is becoming much more mainstream.

A commercial approach

As competition increases and clients are more ‘mobile’ firms need to work harder to retain clients. No longer can law firms sit back and wait for the work. Or even to view a client in terms of one transaction, moving onto the next when the file is closed.

Managing corporate clients

It is becoming crucial to holistically manage a business client. Repeat business and long term relationships demand it. A commercial client can no longer represent a series of unrelated legal transactions dealt with by a myriad of lawyers who never meet!

Corporate clients are looking for a trusted partner

Clients are looking for trusted partners who understand their business. We will be seeing, and already are with savvy firms, a more corporate account management approach. Good CRM and relationship information is essential to this process.